Sea World Orlando Theme Park Tickets

SeaWorld Orlando is a party of the sea, with dueling opportunities to peer-to-peer under the waves and also to get whipped about like plankton in a tidal surge on critter-themed thrill rides. The 200-acre (81-hectare) playground instructs and entertains, while also serving as a rehab center for injured and sick animals.

The Basics

After called mostly an aquarium and zoological park, SeaWorld Orlando has established itself in recent years as among the greatest theme parks such as thrill-seekers in the region. Flamingo and pelican ponds, a lush tropical rainforest, also a 17-acre (6.9-hectare) lagoon, along with countless gallons of saltwater tanks home killer whales, bottlenose dolphins, whales, beluga whales, sea lions, turtles, birds, and aquatic vegetation existence.

Seaworld Orlando Tickets Discount
Seaworld Orlando Tickets Discount

Park-goers may select a simple entrance ticket to SeaWorld or two- or – three-part ticket which also includes entry to neighboring sister parks Aquatica Orlando or Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. While entrance allows for access to shows and rides, some creature interactions come in an excess price.

Things to Know Before You Move

  • SeaWorld Orlando is a must-visit for households with children, thrill-seekers, and monster fans.
  • Pick one park ticket or a multi-park pass with entry to Aquatica Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.
  • Lockers, wheelchairs, and scooters are available for lease close to the park entrance.
  • Pick preferred or general parking; parking passes can be obtained beforehand.
Busch Garden Tampa Tickets
Busch Garden Tampa Tickets

When to Buy There

SeaWorld is best seen on a sunny afternoon since the park shuts down through continual thunderstorms. To find the best seats at displays along with also the tiniest lines in rides, see when school is in session in early autumn or late spring. The playground is quietest between January and April, but temperatures are somewhat cooler, which makes the mostly water-centric attractions somewhat less attractive.

Catching Your Favorite Shows at SeaWorld

While SeaWorld has tons of rides and roller coasters, amusement here stays mostly show-based, therefore it is a fantastic idea to have a look at the program to choose which shows you want to find out before you go into the park. If you really don’t fancy getting wet, avoid sitting at the noticeable splash zones.

Orlando Manta Roller Coaster
Orlando Manta Roller Coaster

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