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An excellent region of the country which could be seen any month of the year! There are loads of incredible beaches, cities, and theme parks which are not as famous and, consequently, less crowded. Now we would like to highlight one of the favorite theme parks in each the West Coast, which is Knott’s Berry Farm.

A favorite theme park one of SoCal locals, Knott’s Berry Farm is thought of more off-the-beaten-track in regards to individuals visiting from out of the city. What is more is that the park has just announced a ton of new rides, shows, and berry delicacies which will be accessible to experience during 2018.

As you plan your trip calendar for the entire year, we highly recommend a visit to Knott’s. Here’s What you can anticipate in Knott’s this season:

The First Ever Dive Coaster on The West Coast

If you are unfamiliar with dip coasters, then they are a particular kind of roller coaster which includes a straight vertical fall. So perpendicular, in actuality, the riders go through the sensation of free falling. HangTime will send passengers around some 15-story 96-degree fall, the steepest in all California. Not only is that the true fall adrenaline-inducing, however, the couple of moments the cyclists are left hanging over the border before the fall is an excruciating delight! The exact same coaster also features what’s called a negative-g booth loop, which induces the feeling of drifting. HangTime is supposed to start in summertime 2018.

Knotts Berry Farm Rides Tickets
Knotts Berry Farm Roller Coasters

Even More, Ways to Eat The Iconic + Delicious Boysenberries

If you can not tell from the title, Berries are the plantation + theme park got its beginning. Known nationally for its tasty boysenberries, Knott’s is berry paradise. Since the berries have become so hot, Knott’s is currently expanding its own Boysenberry Festival to 24 times this season. In the festival, guests can enjoy a range of exceptional boysenberry-inspired dishes, all which will be generated in-house by Knott’s culinary staff.

Knotts berry farm boysenberry festival 2018
Knotts berry farm boysenberry festival 2018

Kick it With The Classic Characters

Bear in Mind that the Peanuts characters? Though now we’ve got a gazillion characters and shows, for a lot of us the traditional characters from our youth stay favorites. Since Knott’s adopts both new and old, it is kicking off 2018 together with all the Knott’s PEANUTS Celebration. Through the park, you will find PEANUTS inspired decoration, new personality adventures, comic strip picture ops, fresh edible treats, and whimsical shows. If you would like to pay a visit to the ark in time with this, plan a visit this February!

Snoopy Knott's Berry Farm Theme Park Tickets
Snoopy Knott’s Berry Farm

Discover The Excitement of The Gold Rush

Every year the park includes lively live performances of this Wild West, Ghost Town Alive! show. The story continues from where it left off, which was once the people of Calico found gold within town mine. This season, the series picks back up, and then everybody in town is in the middle of Gold Rush. Be cautioned, while viewing the series you might just be encouraged to become part of this activity by joining the search with the townsfolk.

Knotts Berry Farm Gold Rush Tickets
Knotts Berry Farm Gold Rush

These are only the highlights of that’s fresh in 2018 in the Farm, but there is a lot more occurring during the year. On any given day you can enjoy various rides from serene and enjoyable to extreme and scary. Dine on traditional state food in Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant, that is always yummy.

Whatever age your kiddos are, there’s a lot to amuse and love without having to struggle through heavy crowds. Knott’s Berry Farm feels like a theme park and much more like a household. It is the perfect spot to enjoy quality time with family members. You will have a lot of fun and no anxiety! Notably by buying your entry tickets in All Park Tickets, where they’re always discounted! Save money, create memories, and enjoy every drop of the holiday!